100TEC and Apple Finance Announce Strategic Partnership

100TEC and Apple Finance entered into a global strategic partnership to expand DeFi ecosystem

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with 100TEC, a blockchain accelerator backing prominent projects in the industry. Through this partnership, we will expand our ecosystem to the community in Korea, providing services ranging from prediction markets to DeFi playground.

100TEC will support Apple Finance with strategic consulting and marketing promotion and reaching out to secondary market listings for our native token, ApplePie(APLP).

“The recent drawback of DeFi market is due to pump and dump schemes based on market hype. The projects will need to provide real benefits to the users, and we plan to form a healthy DeFi playground with Apple Finance.” Said CEO of 100TEC.

The founder of Apple Finance said, “We want to join and collaborate with the leading projects of the DeFi market. We are pleased to announce the partnership with 100TEC and look forward to strengthening our community in Korea. There are innovative services in our pipeline waiting for the right time to launch.”

Apple Finance is a DeFi playground, where the services are being built based on the users’ participation. The Apple ecosystem guarantees fairness with no pre-mined tokens, and maximum incentives for the participants.