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100TEC and Apple Finance entered into a global strategic partnership to expand DeFi ecosystem

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with 100TEC, a blockchain accelerator backing prominent projects in the industry. …

Hello to all our fellow AppleFi farmers!

We will be opening doors to our playful orchard to the Korean audience by listing APLP on Foblgate exchange.

Foblgate is one of the rising players in the local market with daily trade volume of USD 30–40 million. We are in discussion about marketing promotions such as trading competitions and…

We’re very excited to announce that APLP tokens will be officially listed on Foblgate!

APLP tokens will begin trading on Foblgate starting 16:00 PM UTC+9(KST).

Hello Apple Farmers! Since listing on MXC, ApplePie(APLP)’s price has soared to $19.215.

Our team was very surprised and thankful for all of the overwhelming support from the community.

While congratulating the successful migration and listing, our team will continue to focus on product development. In addition, we will look…

APLP token will begin trading on MXC starting 8:00 PM UTC+8.

We’re excited to announce that APLP tokens will be listed on !
Trading starts 20:00 UTC+8 November 13rd, Deposit and Withdraw tokens have been available already into users’ accounts.

Trading will officially begin 20:00 UTC+8 November 13rd.

Link to trading APLP/USDT on

Hello Apple Farmers,

Today we are pleased to make an important announcement regarding the launch of APPLEFI Phase 2.
Please see below for each update

  1. APPLE Token Swap to APPLEPIE(APLP) Token

Previously, we encouraged our users to select and vote for their favorite apple dish through the Bake system. This…

Hello there fellow apple harvesters!

We are now on our seventh week of apple harvesting and we’ve all been working hard and honestly, reaping what we have sewn. Today, we bring you our first governance proposal AIP-0001. …

A Day in the Life

Come, I shall impersonate a man, enter into my imagination and see him! An average farmer in the defi world like you and I, working hard day and night waiting for harvest. When the day finally comes, the farmer reaps the fruits of his labor and carries home a basket…

Get your own APPLE token and become a farmer !

A Step-by-step Guide to Farming APPLE tokens

APPLE TOKEN contract address: 0x5f7304e627b42232b2e621c47a1c0e48a41897ac

A stable and sustainable liquidity mining — APPLEFI provides the safest way to mine in the world. …


Behold, APPLEFI is here!

Project Background

The yield farming craze ignited by COMP and turbo-boosted by YFI & SushiSwap has started the recent stampede of famers and defi-degens rushing in and throwing their money bags at upspringing defi projects.


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