Announcing the Fair Distribution Pool

A Day in the Life

Come, I shall impersonate a man, enter into my imagination and see him! An average farmer in the defi world like you and I, working hard day and night waiting for harvest. When the day finally comes, the farmer reaps the fruits of his labor and carries home a basket full of apples with a big smile on his face. However, on his way home he meets his fellow farmer, who’s driving by with boxes of apples loaded on the back of his truck. As the truck passes and the dust settles, the basket of apples doesn’t seem so big and fulfilling anymore.

Now we’ve all been there. When you’ve finally found the next gem amongst the trash pile of scam projects, there are whales diving in not long after you staking your basket.

The Fair Distribution Pool

We know that making everyone happy is impossible, so we want to make our Apple Orchard a place where the people at least have a chance. That is why, for our first community event, we are planning to launch a fair distribution pool.

What is the fair distribution pool?

The fair distribution exists for the farmers in the orchard. The whales take a bunch, but there is a fair chance for even the little fish to have a feast. As a community event, we will be using our treasury fund to form a pool for a certain time in which APPLE token holders can come in and claim. The accumulated treasury fund will be moved to the fair distribution pool and distributed to the token holders once a month.

How can I participate?

The exact guidelines are still under discussion, so they will be coming out in the coming days. If you are an APPLE token holder, you are eligible for entry. So until further notice, keep farming!

You can find us @