Behold, APPLEFI is here!

Project Background

During this run, many of us spent sleepless nights refreshing twitter endlessly and sniffing around discord for leads on the next big thing. However, we are slowly running out of breath and need to take some rest before passing out.

What if there were a defi project where we can enjoy slow-paced yield farming without FOMO butterflies in our stomachs? Food memes are cool, but after all, what is life without fun and games?

APPLEFI Design and Distribution

In the coming weeks, we plan to launch new products that are both profitable and entertaining at the same time. We have absolutely no plan to become bullies ruling over this orchard, but we wish to become a contributor creating the Garden of Eden for everyone. Thus, the defi playground will be built by the community and become a place where all ideas mingle to make it more robust and fun.

Token Distribution

  • Phase 1 : Planting Apple Seeds
    In order to bootstrap the platform, we will be providing the highest amount of tokens in the first month. Each week, the number of tokens distributed per block will be reduced by 20%

250 APPLE per block for Week 1 (~ 45,000 blocks)

200 APPLE per block for Week 2 (~ 90,000 blocks)

160 APPLE per block for Week 3 (~135,000 blocks)

128 APPLE per block for Week 4 (~180,000 blocks)

  • Phase 2 : Growing Apple Trees
    Token distribution will be reduced by 50% every two weeks

64 APPLE per block for Week 5 & 6 (~270,000 blocks)

32 APPLE per block for Week 7 & 8 (~360,000 blocks)

  • Phase 3 : Apple Picking
    The token distribution will be brought down to normal rates. A halving will occur every month.

16 APPLE per block for Month 3 (~ 540,000 blocks)

8 APPLE per block for Month 4 (~ 720,000 blocks)

4 APPLE per block for Month 5 (~ 900,000 blocks)

2 APPLE per block for Month 6 (~1,080,000 blocks)

….and so on.

At this point, there will be enough tokens held by the community vote, and decide on further distribution if needed.

To start farming APPLE tokens, stake your Uni V2 LP tokens on our website and APPLE tokens will be available for harvest from block height 10879984.

  • You can find us @