Based on the voting results, we will create an APPLEPIE pool and there are a few more things.

Hello Apple Farmers,

Today we are pleased to make an important announcement regarding the launch of APPLEFI Phase 2.
Please see below for each update

  1. APPLE Token Swap to APPLEPIE(APLP) Token

Previously, we encouraged our users to select and vote for their favorite apple dish through the Bake system. This process was accomplished through active direct voting (swap) from community members, and APPLEPIE has been selected. As chose, APLP will be our second native token. Currently, 2.5 million APPLEPIE tokens have been swapped, and an additional 2 million APPLEPIE tokens will be issued through mining, and 5 million apple tokens can be exchanged for 500,000 APPLEPIE tokens (10:1 ratio) through the swap of additional APPLEPIE. Token details are as follows.


Pools added to APPLEFI


2. Exchange listing

Currently, we are working on listing the Applefi token on an exchange. In the near future, we will support Applefi to be traded on exchanges which will encourage people to learn and explore the APPLE Finance ecosystem. Anyone interested listing Applefi on their exchange may communicate with us through Twitter, Medium or Telegram.

3. Community establishment

We set up a Telegram group at the request of several community members. Please join and communicate with us.
Telegram group address:

4. Future direction of APPLEFI

Thanks to all of our supporters, we believe to have entered a new phase in the project. We are considering ways to distribute more rewards to our community through various activities such as the following: 1) governance voting, 2) market prediction, and 3) playground function. These functions will be released sooner or later and we are looking forward to gaining more participants!

Please look forward to more APPLEFI news