How to Farm the APPLE token

Get your own APPLE token and become a farmer !

A Step-by-step Guide to Farming APPLE tokens

APPLE TOKEN contract address: 0x5f7304e627b42232b2e621c47a1c0e48a41897ac

A stable and sustainable liquidity mining — APPLEFI provides the safest way to mine in the world. The idea here is to mitigate the LP’s fear regarding extreme volatility of pooled assets.

Step 1. Get some ETH, USDC needed to add to Uniswap v2 liquidity pool.
(There are currently 3 pairs supported : USDC-ETH / DAI-ETH / DAI-USDC)

Step 2. Click the “Pool” tab and “Add Liquidity”(supply) on Uniswap. Put the amount of tokens that you obtained have in Step 1.

  • Select the tokens you would like to add to the pool,
  • Click “Max” on lower amount of token you have.

Step 3. Click “Supply”. Once tokens are added to the liquidity pool, you will receive LP tokens from Uniswap. The LP(ETH/USDC in this case) tokens should automatically appear in your wallet.

Step 4. Go to “” and click “Farm” at the top(click here for the direct link). Select the pool you’d like to farm APPLE tokens, then click “Approve UNI V2 LP token.”

Step 5. Once you have been approved, you can find a small “+” button.

Step 6. Click the “+” button, then click “Max” button, and start Stake your LP tokens! Now you are fully ready to farm APPLE tokens!

We welcome you to APPLE Finance.

How do I find APPLE tokens?

If you can’t find a token in the default list, paste the address above into the search field.

More information for Uniswap:

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