Opening doors to the Korean market!

Hello to all our fellow AppleFi farmers!

We will be opening doors to our playful orchard to the Korean audience by listing APLP on Foblgate exchange.

Foblgate is one of the rising players in the local market with daily trade volume of USD 30–40 million. We are in discussion about marketing promotions such as trading competitions and community airdrop giveaways! Stay tuned for more news community channels.

When our ecosystem is robust enough, we are ready to launch a few programs that all of us can enjoy. As we get listed on more exchanges, you will be able to find us at CMC for our transparent disclosures. We have gained much traction after we were listed on MXC, and we are also excited about entering the Korean and Asian market so more users can come in and join our ecosystem.

We also welcome with open arms investors and strategic partners who are willing to join the march in making this Defi market more healthy and entertaining. If you are working at a project, an investor, a developer, or a supporter who are willing to explore the future with APPLE Finance, don’t hesitate to reach out through our community channels.



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