Launch of APPLEFI 2.0 — Bake your Apple

Hello there fellow apple harvesters!

We are now on our seventh week of apple harvesting and we’ve all been working hard and honestly, reaping what we have sewn. Today, we bring you our first governance proposal AIP-0001. Through this proposal, we aim to encourage your participation in the platform and upgrade the apple finance chain.

Vote and choose your favorite Apple dish!

When it comes to apple dishes, there is nothing like dessert. Let us know which is your favorite between the two: apple pie and apple caramel. Don’t forget though, no matter which apple product you choose here, you’re bound to end up happy, full, and craving for more apples.

During the past 6 weeks, approximately 36 million apples have been harvested. While we all love apple as it is, we have to agree apple desserts are irresistible. We would love to get all the apple desserts you need for fall but have boiled it down to two staple desserts: Apple Pie(APLP) and Apple Caramel(APLC).

Apple Pie / Apple Caramel

Now, you can use 10 apples to vote your favorite apple-infused treat. Between the two, the winning dessert will become the native token of Apple finance and distributed to all apple harvesters through a token swap. Regardless of the voting outcome, all apple farmers will be able to swap their apples into a delicious apple dessert so do not worry!

The apple swap will open doors to our collaboration with various DeFi projects and allow us to add more to our DeFi playground. through this, our harvesters will enjoy more equal benefit in a sustainable farming ground.

More about the token swap and DeFi playground will be updated on medium soon.

Notice for Apple Farmers:

  • Please be aware that the apple finance website may be down for a while as we will go through an upgrade
  • And also, APLP and APLC can be converted back to APPLE tokens.

Baking Starts From : 1,150,000 Ethereum Block Height

Apple Pie Contract : 0x69275aC5477F3A9DC051180BC559140Bc647F8E9

Apple Caramel Contract : 0x0e540c7ff02bb96b5d06ffe1ecbdfbf787ba3758

Website for baking Apple tokens:

Please stay tuned for more updates!